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210 minutes can make or break a college application. Test scores account for at least 25% of your child’s college acceptance decision. Every 11th grader has gone through at least 12 years of school, yet a single event can overshadow tireless hours of study. It can negate countless weekends devoted to volunteering. It can make exhausting hours of sports practice irrelevant.

Don’t let the ACT® stand in the way of success. Make the ACT® work for you..

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We promise your Revolution tutor will be the best private tutor you’ll ever work with, or you won’t pay a cent. We’re so confident in the quality of our tutors that if you decide to cancel for any reason within your first 30 days*, it’s free.

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*First 30 days or 6 hours of tutoring completed (minimum 1 session), whichever comes first.

Rae is an amazing tutor! She taught me so much and my scores improved tremendously because of her effective tutoring style! She helped me in the areas i needed it and boosted my confidence level. She was so helpful and caring. I enjoyed tutoring with her.

–Hannah, Revolution Prep student

How to prepare for the ACT®

Start with a plan of action

Before choosing an ACT® test prep program, you need to have a plan. A practice test will help to determine how much preparation is needed to achieve your goal score. Not sure what score you should be aiming for? A Revolution Prep team member can help you set the right goals to make sure your child is on track for success. Call a Revolution Prep team member today or download a free SAT® practice exam.

Assess core academic skills

Preparing for the ACT® is more than just practice tests and identifying question types. A Professional Tutor will work to identify and address any knowledge gaps in academic skills while working on ACT® practice. Ensuring your child has a strong grasp of the fundamental concepts will not only increase their ACT® score, but increase their grades and confidence in school. ACT® scores can count for 25 to 35% of a college admissions decision, but GPA accounts for up to 50%.

Get comfortable with the ACT®

The ACT® is a three and a half hour test. This is the longest test most students have taken at this point in their life, and learning how to stay focused throughout the test is a unique challenge. Students will also need to be comfortable with the way the ACT® asks questions. There are a lot of questions to answer in a short amount of time, and students who can quickly identify core concepts and know how to proceed accordingly will have an advantage.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

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